Tuesday, August 19, 2014

lakewood brewing 2nd anniversary party

Lakewood Brewing Lions Share II

The anticipation for increasingly popular Lakewood Brewing and their second anniversary party at Goodfriend Beer Garden was quite evident that day when swarms of beer lovers lined up at 11am for an incredible beer list, including their second anniversary beer Lions Share II, a Berliner Weisse aged with black currants. The black currants not only lent a bit of tartness to an already tart beer, but also a beautifully deep red color. Lions Share II was pouring like crazy, blowing two kegs (hearsay) within just a couple of hours. It was my favorite of the day, and at only 3.6% abv it was a perfect session beer for that hot Texas summer day.

Along with Lions Share II, 16 other beers were flowing as well. Favorites included the fresh lemon and ginger Rock Ryder cask, Francisco (tequila barrel aged Lakewood Lager with ancho chiles), '13 BBT and La Dame du Bois (red win barrel aged La Dame du Lac). Lines were long and it was quite busy so it was hard to try any more than that within a reasonable amount of time. Also, kegs were floating like crazy at around 2pm.

The day was beautiful and perfect, and besides a rude bartender that pissed me off, the event was well organized and the beer was great. If you didn't get a chance to try any of these beers, I'm sure some will make an appearance at the amazing Texas Craft Brewer's Festival (tickets still on sale).


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  1. This party sounds like every beer lover’s dream. Glad to see that you didn’t let the bartender spoil you mood and enjoyed your time there.