Friday, August 1, 2014

deep ellum brewing company

Tucked away in the eclectic downtown Dallas neighborhood known as Deep Ellum is a brewery that has helped pave the way for the rising popularity of craft beer in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Enter Deep Ellum Brewing Company, an unapologetically bold brewery that takes its marketing as serious as their beer. You know their yellow smiley face, you've seen it all around town (I have one on my beer fridge). But seriously, Deep Ellum Brewing helped make it cool to drink beer in Dallas.

John Reardon, one of the founders of Deep Ellum Brewing, is very proud of what they've accomplished with the brewery. It's hard to believe that they're less than three years old. They've made quite the dent in the craft beer scene in that short amount of time. Not surprising since they have a killer location and they have a kick ass patio to boot with room for live music. A Saturday tour can bring up to 400 people John said, which makes for one hell of a party. Oh, and they have beer there too. 

Their flagship IPA is a great representation of the Northwest coast style IPA, boasting huge floral notes along with pine and tropical fruit. Other favorites of mine include the Pale Ale (fresh from their brewery is divine), Rye-Pils and Wealth and Taste (barrel aged Belgian golden with muscat grape juice). Right now they have their Labor of Love (LOL) pouring, a Weizenbock homebrew competition winner recipe. They also seem to be experimenting with barrel aged goodness as evidenced by their stack of barrels. You can find their beer in cans (IPA, Pale, DBS, Blonde, Rye-Pils), bombers (Numb Comfort) and draught all around town...even Austin has their beer.

Deep Ellum Labor of Love

Barrel aged Wit?

Deep Ellum isn't without controversy. Their 'Goes Down Easy' campaign for their Blonde ale caught a bunch of flack in the social media world. While I have my own opinions of this, I shall not divulge here (get me a couple brewskies and I'll probably share with you). Controversy aside, Deep Ellum Brewing is obviously here to stay in Dallas. Their beer is bold yet approachable, and their laid back attitude makes for a great time at the tap room. So, the next time you're in the Deep Ellum area, throw back some beer with the Deep Ellum Brewing crew. Just watch out for the pigeons, apparently the poop on rowdy misfits. Cheers!

2823 St Louis St., Dallas, TX

Tap Room:
Thursday from 6-8:30pm
 - $12 (online), $15 at the door for tour, glass and beer
Saturday from 12-3pm
 - $12 (online), $15 at the door, for tour, glass and beer

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John Reardon

Even the pigeons are hard in Deep Ellum

Hoppy Treats

Deep Ellum Healthy Fermentation from Matt Abendschein on Vimeo.