Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pride of Southside Homebrew Invitational 2015

Last Friday in Ft. Worth, Texas, Sinaca Studios hosted the Pride of Southside Homebrew Invitational. There was a great turnout even with thunderstorms looming in the forecast.

Luckily, the weather cooperated long enough for guests to taste all the entries and enjoy a great glass blowing demonstration by the artists at Sinaca. Even the awards were handed out before a torrential downpour swept in and signaled the end of the night.

Congratulations to the POSHI winners:

Beer Judge Certification Program Winner: Joseph Parker

Best in Show: Joseph Parker with a Belgian Tripel

2nd Place: Chris Jones/Diana Packer with a Pumpkin Ale

3rd Place: Ashley Parker with a Strawberry Honey Ale

Photos by Evan Wallis


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