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My name is Matt Abendschein, and this is my beautiful wife Meggie and our beautiful daughter Presley Evelyn whom I love dearly. We lived in Austin for around five years before moving to Dallas (current residency) and I'm so excited to discover a new city's passion for both craft beer and food. The craft beer scene in Dallas is currently booming so it's an exciting time to be a part of it. 

Craft beer and supporting your local brewers has been a passion of mine for awhile now. I got into good craft beer back in college when I had my first Samuel Adams. I thought to myself, wow, this beer actually has flavor. Every time I took a sip, I was in my own world. Ever since then, I have made it a mission of mine to go out and explore the great world of beer. Being in Texas, it's also very easy to get sucked into the local scene, being that there are so many great local breweries here. Now, my mission is still to try new beers, but to also, and especially, support the local brewers.

The new Stay Hoppy Dallas website is currently under construction so please be patient. In the meantime you can check out our Austin website at www.stayhoppy.com. Cheers!


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