Tuesday, October 6, 2015

noble rey brewing - ntx pioneers in experimentation

Noble Rey Brewing Sign

Experimentation is part of the foundation of America. It's what drives us scientifically, economically and philosophically. It's a driving force to the success of not only America in general, but also the recent craft beer movement. Enter Dogfish Head, pioneers of experimentation with craft beer, challenging style guidelines and patrons' palates. Dogfish Head pushes the limits with not only styles, but the ingredients that go in. From hop utilization to re-creating ancient ales, Dogfish Head shed light into what beer can become.

Has Dallas found its Dogfish Head? Only time will tell, but enter Noble Rey, new kids on the block in the Brewery District (aka the Design District). Noble Rey has only been in business for a short time now, but after their Zero Anniversary party (Zero, as in 'hey look we're finally open!) they made it quite apparent that they're not in it to play it safe.

Take for example the Pulque, an ancient ale brewed with agave. More mead like than beer, this one is 100% fermented with agave (i.e no hops, no malt) and Brett and Lacto. This, it seemed, was the hit of the Zero Anniversary party. Slightly sweet and sour, carbonated just right to bring out some of that agave sweetness and an almost syrupy and dry finish. It was completely unexpected and delicious (Tequila barrel aged Pulque was mentioned for the future). Or perhaps one of their brown ales brewed with cereal, or maybe even their wit brewed with Fruity Pebbles. Just look at the tap list below.

Noble Rey Brewing Zero Anniversary Tap List

But don't push aside their standards. Their red ale is balanced, their oatmeal stout is a creamy roast bomb and their dry hopped Steam Punk (their version of an American steam ale) is something magical.

Dallas needs a brewery like Noble Rey. At a time of huge growth for the beer scene here, there will come a time when the standard styles just may not suffice. Are all of the experiments going to be successful? No. Hell no they're not. But that's not the point. The magic behind this brewery is the gusto to take risks. After all, no risk, no reward. Go forth, be noble, drink noble. Cheers!

Tap Room:
Wednesday-Thursday from 4-9pm
Friday from 4-10pm
Saturday from 12-10pm

Noble Rey Brewing Zero Anniversary

Noble Rey Brewing Zero Anniversary Volunteer
Noble Rey Brewing Crew
Noble Rey Brewing Crew

Noble Rey Brewing Owners
Noble Rey likes to kick it old school

Yes, those are arcade games


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