Friday, April 24, 2015

for the love of craft beer - jake mcknight of haüs of growlers

Jake McKnight - Haus of Growlers
Jake McKnight

For the Love of Craft Beer - Jake McKnight of Haus of Growlers

Step those pretty little feet of yours into some of the most popular beer venues in Dallas and those baby blues may just lock onto a 64 oz glass contraption born for the ever important role of holding that elixir of life we call beer.

Growler. No, I'm not telling you to growl, I'm talking about growlers. Growlers have been around since the 1800s when fresh beer would be carried in covered buckets from the local pub to home, sometimes making gurgling/growl noises as CO2 escaped. Hence the term growlers.

Growlers have been a popular item in the craft beer renaissance, allowing people to bring home draught beer that may not be available in bottles or cans. Typical growler sizes include 32oz, 64oz and 128 oz, the bigger sizes being perfect for sharing with friends and family.

One Dallas man has decided to take this love for beer and growlers and turn it into a local business. Meet Jake McKnight, owner and founder of Haüs of Growlers, a growler customization company. Jake's the type of guy you instantly want to talk to; always smiling and conversing with fellow beer lovers. I recently sat down with him and found out more out about him and his love of beer. Jake started this venture back in 2013, getting the name out at the Big Texas Beer Fest. Afterwards, he began selling the customized growlers online and has already sold roughly 10K growlers. The screen prints range from the simple, like the Texas state outline with 'beer' written in the middle, to the elaborate, like an image of Charles Bukowski screaming. When asked if there was concern of the newly popular crowler taking away business, Jake didn't seem too worried because 'Haus of Growlers is a novelty, customization. You buy a Haus of Growlers growler because you fuckin' want to.' Indeed you do, and you can find these sweet growlers at places like LUCK, Community Beer Co. and Lakewood Growler. Now, onto some questions.

Haus of Growlers Growlers

What does craft beer mean to you?
Bringing together good people, over good conversation and laughs with good craft beer. I've met a lot of great people since being in the industry and I can now call them friends because of a simple, yet tasty beverage, craft beer!

What is your number 1 desert island beer?
Shit son, thats like asking what is my favorite growler, that's tough! For me, my go to anytime beer is Sierra Nevada. But, if I were stranded on a desert island, shit, first thing that comes to mind is the Community Beer Co. Witbier

Where do you see Dallas craft beer in 5 years?
Hopefully thriving just as much as it is now. Now, granted, the DFW area is quite large and there is still plenty of room for growth, but I don't see all the breweries making it, which is a shame, but that's just the nature of the beast, hopefully I am wrong about that. It's great to see a majority of the local bars and restaurants supporting the craft beer scene. I don't see that changing, I only see it getting better. If the bar or restaurant isn't joining the movement already, they had better hurry up or they will be left behind.

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Jake McKnight Drinking Beer
Jake McKnight in the wild


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