Monday, April 27, 2015

a day of ntx craft beer - ntx firkin fest & texas ale project grand opening

A humble cask ale with Jerry World behind
Eat your heart out Austin, TX, the North Texas beer scene is rising faster than your downtown condos. It's a popular past time for Austinites to give Dallasites a hard time (sometimes deservedly so) but if there's one thing that can't be denied, it's the quality of beer being put out by North Texas brewers and the intense demand from patrons. This past weekend, beer nerds enjoyed countless beer events all across North Texas, including the NTX Firkin Fest and the Texas Ale Project Grand Opening party. These were just two events I was able to attend, but there was also the Dallas Brew Bus and TUPPS Brewing Pre Grand Opening party going on that day.

NTX Firkin Fest

The firkin fest, put on by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, was an intimate event with industry folk and beer nerds alike enjoying a sometimes misunderstood method of serving beer. Fifteen breweries reached into their inner creativity and brought 30 different casks, ranging from brown ales with expensive coffee to pale ales stuffed with hops. Responsible driving got in my way of enjoying too many of the offerings, but I did enjoy being able to finally try the huge Sledgehammer from Peticolas and the mouth puckering sour red from Collective Brewing Project. While the casks were not ideal temperature, this was just one nit picky observation that couldn't possibly get in the way of enjoying a well structured event at a beautiful venue. Kudos to Texas Craft Brewers Guild and Adam Gonzales for putting this together in such a short amount of time.

Texas Ale Project Grand Opening

Newer kids in town Texas Ale Project put on one hell of a grand opening party with their ginormous downtown Dallas space and delicious ales. Two new beers were being offered during the party, an Extra Pale Ale that drank more like a hoppy pale ale (deliciously bitter) and a White Russian Imperial Stout. Inspired by The Dude, Brent Thompson, owner and founder of Texas Ale Project, described this 10% abv monster as a 'mind fuck.' Indeed it was. Notes of bourbon, vanilla and sweet sugar were accompanied by a luscious creamy body unlike any beer I've had due to the heavy amounts of lactose and a certain grain (trade secret, but I know what it is, and it'll cost you to know!). I don't care what the price point is, make more of this beer.

Just check out the pics below and try to tell me that the North Texas beer scene isn't freaking sweet. Cheers y'all!

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Firkin Awesome
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Volunteers, the life blood of beer events

Texas Ale Project Grand Opening Hop Necklace

Texas Ale Project Grand Opening Crowd

Texas Ale Project Grand Opening Mustache

Texas Ale project Grand Opening Tap Room

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