Wednesday, July 23, 2014

thoughts on the sierra nevada beer camp

12 different beers, 12 collaboration breweries. Amazing concept really. Typically mix packs contain 3-4 various styles of beer, but from the same brewery. This time around, you're getting 12 different beers, 12 different styles from 12 different collaboration breweries like Russian River, Bell's and Ninkasi. There was so much hype around this 12 pack that the Texas Let's Talk Craft Beer Facebook group was flooded with photos of people running over the elderly just to get their hands on one.

My soon-to-be brother-in-law and I set out to finish the 12 pack in one sitting while our significant others were out to dinner. It was more difficult than I imagined and we even had to take an Eno's pizza break. Now, don't expect an in-depth review of each one. As each beer was consumed we began to become more and more engrossed in conversation so the beer (as it always should) became a backdrop to good conversation. Mind you, we didn't really have a 'bad' beer, they were all good...just some better than others.

Electric Ray/IPL/Ballast Point - I haven't had enough IPLs to compare against but it was good. A nice hoppy background, crisp dry finish.

Tater Ridge/Scotch Ale w/ sweet potatoes/Asheville Brewers Alliance - Meh. Didn't get much sweet potato out of it.

Torpedo Pilsner/Hoppy Pilsner/Firestone Walker - Hell yeah! Give me a six pack of this shit.

Double Latte/Coffee Milk Stout/Ninkasi - Another winner, great coffee flavor and a sweet punch like drinking an iced latte.

There and Back/ESB/New Glarus - Not going to lie, was hoping for a sour or fruit ale from this collaboration. Oh well, it was still a good ESB. Nice biscuity background to it with hints of caramel. Also, the name reminded me of The Hobbit/LOTR, so that made me happy.

Maillard's Odyssey/Imp Dark Ale/Bell's - Can honestly say I didn't make any mental notes of this one.

Alt Route/Altbier/Victory - A good altbier. That's all really.

Yonder Bock/Imp Maibock/Cigar City - I really enjoyed the citrusy notes in this beer like pineapple and mango. Well done.

Chico King/Pale Ale/3 Floyds - Another one I'll take in a six pack. Huge hits of hop aromas and a nice lingering bitterness lent by the reliable Mosaic hop.

Canfusion/Rye Bock/Oscar Blues - Big spicy pepper notes on the nose, big burst of hops you'd expect from an Oscar Blues beer. Enjoyed this one as well.

The next two were by far my favorites.

Yvan the Great/Belgian Blond/Russian River - Aroma profile similar to an American pale/IPA with big citrus notes and huge fruity esters from the Belgian yeast.

Myron's Walk/Belgian Pale Ale/Allagash - Again, similar to the one above with the Belgian yeast playing so well with American hops.

Overall, great 12 pack and I'm looking forward to trying the 22oz Double IPA bomber as well. Cheers!

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