Thursday, July 24, 2014

panther island brewing - real good

One of the newest breweries in Fort Worth has officially invaded Dallas. Panther Island Brewing has only been in production for about a month but they are already making quite the impact with their laid back approach to brewing and rocker attitude. Last night, Craft & Growler had three Panther Island beers on tap. Real Good (cream ale), Boom (Blonde) and Allergeez (American wheat). I sampled all three, all of which were deliciously dry and crisp.

I went with a full serving of the Real Good, their cream ale. As you can see from the picture it has a pretty good haze to it, which threw me back a little at first. However, I learned that it's intentional, and it really does lend to having a creamier texture. It was intensely dry and had a nice citrusy hop background. I really enjoyed this take on a cream ale. Look out for this one on nitro, supposedly it's divine.

I got to chat with Michael Harper, head brewer of Panther Island. Before Panther Island he worked under Michael Peticolas, a legend in the Dallas beer scene. He honestly doesn't know where Panther Island will be going in the future, all he knows is that he wants to make good beer and have fun while doing it. They currently have a 30bbl system and a 10 gallon homebrew setup for experimentals which he wants to have fun with for their future tap room. A couple beers to look out for in the near future; IIPA (10% abv) brewed with coriander and a strong Scotch ale. I'm anxious to taste more of Panther Island in the future. Cheers!

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