Monday, October 28, 2013

sunday funday at four corners brewing

423 Singleton Blvd, Dallas, TX

Tap Room:
Monday-Friday from 5-10pm
Saturday from 12-10pm
Sunday from 2-8pm
 - Pay by the glass
Every Saturday at 12pm and 1pm

About a half of a mile down the road from where I live sits Four Corners Brewing Co., a great local brewery dedicated to serving fresh beer using local flavors as inspiration. Their brewery tap room is open five days a week now, a dangerous option for me living so close. Their flavors are clean, crisp and robust. All of their mainstay beers are also 'sessionable' at around 6% abv or below, giving you the opportunity to enjoy plenty of their beer with your mates.


Their most popular beer Local Buzz is a honey-rye golden ale brewed with locally sourced honey. I love its sweet aromas, crisp mouth feel and dry finish. Also at 5.2% abv, pint after pint of this one can be enjoyed. Hell, take a look at the bee above, a few too many pints I think?

They even do pig roast parties like yesterday's Dia de los Puercos, which I didn't know was going on until I got there. Too bad I wasn't hungry, it looked delicious.

To me, there's nothing better than getting beer fresh from the brewery, and Four Corners Brewing is definitely not locking in the flavor department. If you're into darker, more roasty flavors, try their Block Party robust porter, another favorite of mine. Go check them out sometime, their tap room is nothing but friendly. Don't fret though, if you can't get out to the tap room, they also can their beer in badass 360 degree cans.

Beer with a view of downtown Dallas

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