Monday, January 26, 2015

community beer company 2nd anniversary

By Chris Davidson

I was able to attend last year's 1st Anniversary bash at Community Beer Company and had a blast, so when Matt mentioned that he wouldn't be able to make it and asked me to go in his stead, I jumped at the chance. Anyone who has visited Community before knows how large the taproom and indoor brewing areas are - and it's a good thing. People came in droves to toast the second year of Community's success. Long lines of thirsty beer lovers snaked among the brewer's massive tanks, oak barrels and shipping pallets. I guess it's no longer a secret that Community makes some of the best beer in North Texas.

Two years really flew by. I remember when I first heard about the new brewery while at The Libertine. I ordered an Inspiration and immediately realized that these guys were not playing around. The party they threw this past weekend was a testament to what they've accomplished and it offered a glimpse into what may/will come. In addition to the greatest hits (yes, they have those a mere two years in), a slew of special brews showed off what these guys are capable of.

Brett's Get It On

The Brett's Get It On (the special 2 Year Anniversary beer) was light, fruity and funky. Although not a session beer at 6.6% ABV, this one was extremely refreshing and the crisp Citra hops paired with the funky Brettanomyces yeasts didn't get old.

Official 2 Year Anniversary Beer: Brett's Get It On

The Un-official mascot of the 2 Year Anniversary

Community knows how to throw a party. Kick drum thumps and country/roots rock riffs from two great local bands (Foxtrot Uniform and The Hazardous Dukes) bounced around the crowded, cavernous warehouse. Local vendors sold everything from art to lamps to t-shirts while those taking a break from the tasting lines signed a giant cinder block wall.

Foxtrot Uniform performs

Outside, food trucks lined the perimeter and a giant tent housed a t-shirt screen press and even more beers (like the Public Enemy #1 - a delicious double ESB that's aged in a White Burgundy barrel with a tart cherry finish). The Mosaic White also impressed. It's a blend of the Witbier and Mosaic IPA where the spices or the Wit match perfectly with the forward hops in the Mosiac.

Witbier blended with Mosaic IPA

The 2nd Anniversary bash was everything it should have been: loud, crowded, funky, boozy and fun. Community has found it's way into this community's heart by making great beer, sharing their passion and embracing Dallas. If the past two years are any indication, we have many things to look forward to in the years to come.

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Batman makes an appearance

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