Thursday, October 2, 2014

dallas happy hour - blind butcher

.5 Liter of Franconia Kolsch

When describing a sausage, there is one word that usually takes the quality from good to great: SNAP. You know what I'm talking about, that instant of total bliss when you take that first bite of a great sausage and the exterior of it creates a shock wave of flavor and fat. This is exactly what happened to me at Blind Butcher, the hip new cured meat and craft beer joint on Greenville Ave. In fact, it was so much snap that my face ended up with a delicious sausage grease mask.

The service at Blind Butcher, at first, was something left to be desired as we waited almost ten minutes just for our server to take our order. However, after apologizing profusely about bad communication on their part, she ended up becoming one of the best servers we've had in awhile. We were 'that' table that night with a hangry toddler and spilled water all over as a result. Luckily the patio was empty and our waitress did all she could to feed that hangry elf.

Everything was delicious from the perfectly crispy truffle fries to the bacon grease covered brussel sprouts, from the waygu beef tartare to the cheese and jalapeno stuffed beef sausage. The waygu beef tartare was interesting as it was topped with a beet pickled quail egg and crispy capers, adding that zing you expect from tartare. The homemade chips provided the canvas for spreading and also added a nice crunch. I only wish it was finely chopped instead of ground.

They also have a great happy hour. Every day from 4-6pm they offer $2 off all beer, wine and cocktails and $5 off bottles of wine (where's the love for beer bombers?). Their beer menu is good, and they even offer 1 liter seidels of Franconia. Blind Butcher also has a small parking lot by the patio so you don't have to valet or mindlessly look for street parking. If you're in the Greenville area, I recommend giving Blind Butcher a shot. Cheers!

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