Tuesday, November 5, 2013

luck - experimenting with local flavors


1. success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions
"it was just luck that the first kick went in"
2. an amazing gastropub dedicated to serving local food and local craft beer
    aka Local Urban Craft Kitchen
"I just ate at LUCK suckers!'

Newly opened LUCK in the Trinity Groves area of Dallas is already making heads spin due to its popularity. It's not surprising, however, considering the movement of supporting more local, especially when it comes to craft beer. Their mission is simple, to promote the local craft beer industry by designing dishes around said craft beer. In fact, its popularity even stunned the owners. They never expected this. They ran out of beer. They ran out of food. They had to close Monday just to restock!

Due to unforeseen circumstances I have been unable to eat much at LUCK during its first week of being open but I will have plenty of opportunities considering its close proximity to my house and now open for lunch. I did, however, have their soft pretzel served with homemade mustard and beer cheese. Damn good, especially with a Community Wit.

It's a large space within the Trinity Groves project, a restaurant 'incubator' if you will. Its large outdoor picnic tables can accommodate large groups and being that it shares space with other restaurants, the outdoor patio is great for bringing the kiddos (Presley loved playing hide-and-seek under the tables). This is important to me considering I have a wee little one as well, so being family friendly is very important. Kudos to LUCK for being so kid friendly.

I can't wait to try their lunch and dinner items. Supposedly they are working on a brunch menu as well for the future. Get your ass to LUCK soon before it's even more flooded with popularity. Cheers!

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